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The Enlightened Business Kit includes unlimited access to every recording and transcript from the 2016 Enlightened Business Summit (PLUS bonuses!):

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Best of The Enlightened Business Summit

11 Recordings from The Enlightened Business Summit Library

In addition to the amazing speakers featured in this year’s lineup, we want to share these phenomenal sessions from previous Enlightened Business events! You won’t hear from these visionary leaders and teachers this year... and we want make sure you don’t miss their transformational offerings.

All of these incredible sessions are essential additions to your professional library — each chosen specifically to provide invaluable insights and inspiration for growing businesses that will truly change the world.

  • Lynne TwistSoul of Money (2013)
  • Vishen LakhianiThe Importance of Company Culture (2013)
  • Deepak ChopraTransformational Leadership & Cultures for Good (2013)
  • Marcia WiederHow to Be a 21st Century Visionary (2012)
  • Christy WhitmanHow to Achieve Greater Success by Applying the Law of Attraction (2012)
  • Marci ShimoffIf You're Not in the Job You Love, Love the Job You're In (2011)
  • T Harv EkerSecrets of the Entrepreneur's Millionaire Mind (2011)
  • Ahmed RahimTea and Transformation (2010)
  • Tami Simon, Kellie McElhaney, Christine ComafordWomen Transforming Business (2010)
  • Gary FisherThe Power of a Plan — How to Make Visions Reality for Self-made Entrepreneurs (2013)
  • Salim AminThe Power of Media to Create Awareness That Changes Business Trends & the Way People Do Business (2013)



The Big Shift Experience!

Ticket for 3-Day Live Event from Bill Baren

Join in an epic 3-day highly experiential, hands-on business workshop led by favorite summit presenter Bill Baren. The Big Shift Experience (not part of The Shift Network) combines the power of concrete business-building strategies with life-changing inner transformations. You'll learn Bill’s tried-and-true system for adding $100,000 in revenue to your business in one year. There is no other live event that combines this level of deep transformation and road-tested business building strategies in a fun and supportive environment. This is Bill’s pride and joy and THE go-to live business event of the year! Valued at $997!



Evolved Enterprise

Audiobook from Yanik Silver

The Evolved Enterprise audiobook gives you a complete framework for aligning the true "soul" of your business with more impact, meaning and happiness — in a way that inevitably delivers even greater profits.



Elevation of Consciousness

Recorded Visualization from Lisa Garr

Unleash greater creativity, passion, purpose and motivation in your life by downloading this file and listening to it every day.



Creative Journaling Workshop

Video from Yanik Silver

This video workshop shows you how journaling can help you gain clarity of purpose, find creative solutions to the challenges you face, and sustain you through the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to EVERY summit session (recordings and transcripts) providing you with what you need to drive revenue, increase profits, identify sales channels and define the best marketing strategy for your unique offering — for your visionary business.
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Launch & Grow YOUR Thriving Conscious Business

Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels...

However, running a business that is aligned with your values AND vision can also be extremely challenging at times.

The good news is... these challenges can become catalysts for your greatest growth and success!

Most likely, you are all-too-familiar with the common issues that come with having your own business:

  • 60-hour work week
  • Financial roller coaster
  • Undermining doubts & fears
  • Growing your business while maintaining your integrity
  • Power struggles with your team & peers
  • A sense of isolation from working on your own
  • Challenges in providing the best customer care
  • Preserving authenticity in your marketing strategies
  • Balancing the day-to-day while staying on the cutting edge

Our world-renowned entrepreneurs from The Enlightened Business Summit share openly and honestly about the obstacles they faced — and how they transformed these challenges into their greatest assets.

Plus, they’re candid about their mistakes so you can avoid them!

The Enlightened Business Kit will give you unlimited insider's access to leading conscious business experts, sharing the secrets that helped them build thriving businesses — while also contributing to a thriving world.

Every one of the speakers is a shining example of the positive impact you can make — and the financial success you can have — when you choose to share your message, offer your services or provide your products through a conscious, heart-aligned business.

One of the essential strategies these successful business owners have in common, is to engage in ongoing study and development of cutting-edge practices and new techniques in their field. They do everything they can to increase their knowledge and integrate new information to support them in the growth of their business (and themselves).

And, that’s what the coaches and mentors in The Enlightened Business Kit help YOU do, too!

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Empower Yourself With Proven Business Practices

The Enlightened Business Kit is filled with practical tools you can implement in YOUR business right now!

During this inspiring summit, you’ll discover:

  • Cutting-edge techniques for igniting your business and increasing profits — while having a profound impact in the world
  • How to align your business with your soul’s highest purpose
  • How to create authentic relationships with mission-aligned partners (and investors!)
  • Key practices for attracting and retaining top talent
  • Thriving businesses that leave a legacy of good for generations to come
  • Triple bottom line accounting practices for growing your heart-aligned business
  • Visionary leadership skills to inspire both personal & professional growth
  • Strategies for launching a business aligned with your values AND vision
  • Practical skills to consciously leverage the power of social media
  • Ways to turn challenges into catalysts for your greatest growth and success!
  • How to drive revenue, build a passionate team, increase profits & authentically market your unique offering
  • PLUS… candid startup stories and common mistakes YOU can avoid!

With The Enlightened Business Kit, you'll have detailed, practical strategies to help you conduct business in more engaging, inspiring and successful ways... serving your clients, fulfilling your soul's purpose AND having a profound positive impact in the world.

RIGHT NOW, you can save 50% OFF! Lock in lifetime access to the TOP enlightened business leaders — from coaches to mentors to small business owners to executives — all in one program.

You’ll have access to insider’s secrets and resources, plus cutting-edge practices you can start applying in your business today.

Package Value: $500


Sessions Include:

Yanik Silver Evolved Enterprise
George Kao Mindful Marketing & Authentic Enrollment For Businesses Who Love Integrity & True Service
Jean Oelwang Sparking a Movement - 100% Human at Work
Bharat Mitra Enlightenment Is the Unknowable
Sharla Jacobs How to Turn "I Can't Afford It" Into an Enthusiastic "Yes Please!"
Tim Kelley Creating a Powerful, New Paradigm Business
Holly Tse How to Happily Grow Your Business--When You're Not Making 6-Figures
Ari Weinzweig The Power of Belief in Business
Serafina Palandech Starting an Ethically Driven Business
Lisa Garr Reset Your Brain for Success
Debbie Rosas CEO: The Art of Communication, Energy and Orgasm
Mike Koenigs You Everywhere NOW
Katherine Chernick Fauvre & David Fauvre Using the Enneagram for Transformational Leadership
Dal LaMagna Starting, Growing and Responsibly Running Your Company
Flora Bowley Community Building and Creative Business
Mari Smith Winning Facebook Strategies - 5 Powerful Ways To Leverage Your Results
Bill Baren Top 3 Reasons Enlightened Entrepreneurs Often Earn Less and What They Can Do About It
Sage Lavine Women Rocking Business: 4 Feminine Secrets to Attract Clients with Ease
Eric Edmeades Building a Business That Lets You Do What You Love
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Praise from Past Participants:

Simply put, I was stuck in an internal fight between spirituality and money... the speakers just smashed open my limited understanding and empowered me with potent tools... It somehow feels like I reached a very crucial milestone of life after the summit.
— Advyth

The Enlightened Business Summit is loaded with practical wisdom for the visionary heart-centered entrepreneur.  
— Samantha

The Enlightened Business Summit is a wonderful collection of powerful speakers raising consciousness in the world and giving you the tools how to do it as well. I highly recommend attending!
— Lotta

These sessions have reinforced my innate belief about the power of transformational leadership and conscious business management, renewing my approach to both life and leadership.
— Anonymous

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The Enlightened Business Kit includes instant access (after broadcast) to all recordings and transcripts of every session from the 2016 Enlightened Business Summit.
Downloadable MP3 Recordings: You’ll receive recordings from every 2016 Enlightened Business Summit session to enjoy on your computer, laptop,  tablet or smartphone.
PDF Transcripts: You’ll receive word-for-word transcripts from each session to read along, highlight key points, take notes and even search for keywords.
PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE! In addition to the 2016 Enlightened Business Summit material, you’ll receive an exclusive package of valuable downloadable and streaming bonus gifts! 

Package Value: $500


More Praise from Past Participants:

I loved The Enlightened Business Summit. I feel more empowered and less isolated and overwhelmed. The series was a fantastic introduction to amazing new people and resources I wasn’t aware of. Thank you!
— Will

This summit was outstanding. It was a content-rich, condensed training that gave me many actionable ideas to move my Visionary Project to the next level. A tremendous group of speakers showing us paradigm-shifting projects in action.
— Shema

This is a very unique and important summit that I really enjoyed. I got a lot of value from listening to the speakers and I recommend everyone who is interested in the new paradigm of business to listen to this summit.
— Marianne

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